Acne, allergies, psoriasis: what the skin tells us about?

What happens to the skin when the soul is wounded or we suffer from unresolved questions and problems? How symptoms can suggest what special attention should be paid to in life? Explains the psychiatrist, specialist in psychosomatic disorders.

When I meet people who do not see the relationship between skin diseases and the spiritual state of a person, I ask: “You have ever blown up? From embarrassment, excitement, excitement?»Hyperemia of shame is an ideal illustration of a clear relationship. We all angry, rejoice or be upset. And redness is a normal physiological reaction of the body in response to an experienced emotion. But, unfortunately, the skin “whims” are not limited to this.

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), 22% of the total population of the Earth suffer from skin diseases. And this is only official data – in reality, this percentage is much greater.

Skin – the outer cover of the human body, a complex organ responsible for many functions

The skin knows how to protect the body from external influences, is involved in the process of breathing, thermoregulation, metabolic and many other processes. But the main thing is that it performs the prescription function. This is one of the most sensitive organs. The entire surface of the skin is covered with hundreds of thousands of receptors that accept information and transmit it to the cerebral cortex.

The skin is the first

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to feel cold, heat, pain, chills, giving us signals in the form of a change in our condition. In other words, this is the border between the outside world and the internal organs, and therefore the internal spiritual state of a person. And problems begin when the harmony of this contact is disturbed. As a result, skin diseases occur. For many patients, this is a real torment, because the treatment of such diseases, as a rule, takes a lot of time and money.

What the skin is trying to tell us about

Most often, skin problems speak of a person’s shame in front of himself or excessive dependence on a third -party opinion, as well as about open or hidden fear, about impatience or unwillingness to reconcile with a given given, about suppressed anger and hidden insult.

An emotional response affects the skin in the form of painful manifestations, when the contact of this person with the outside world is impaired, that is, it does not correspond to the aspirations and intentions of a person. It can be either excessive or insufficient.

It is important to understand that our consciousness operates with the categories of “our own” or “alien”, and not only in relation to material things. For example, when we choose new clothes, at an unconscious level, this happens precisely by the “our/alien” mechanism, only at the level of tactile sensations. You will not voluntarily wear unpleasant wool and will not put on winter boots in hot summer – this is uncomfortable. Our brain uses the same principle when it comes to intentions, feelings, thoughts, desires and decisions.

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